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Looking to buy or sell 2-29 unit apartment buildings?

Invest Today, Lifestyle Tomorrow

Buying and Selling Small Apartments Buildings

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When looking to leverage your investment, it’s ideal to rely on a professional. At Apartment Investing Realty in Ontario, California, we specialize in buying and selling apartment buildings composed of 2-29 units only.


Focusing on Apartment Real Estate

Unlike other brokerages that focus on large commercial spaces, we specialize on multi-family complexes of 2-29 unit.

Clients who own 4, 7, or 12 unit multi-family properties are usually seen as “too small” by larger commercial firms and considered “too big” by residential brokerages. Because of this, they do not receive the service they deserve. That is not the case with us. We provide the same expert service as big companies with the personal touch of smaller firms.

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